Our restoration work takes place across the watershed, in-stream and upland, year-round, rain or shine! We organize volunteer work parties and stewardship, work with creekside landowners, oversee construction on culverts and dams, and partner with businesses to improve stormwater management. Click the links below for details:

Volunteer Stewardship

There are many ways volunteers help restore Johnson Creek.


Many creekside landowners are eligible for this free restoration program!

Fish Passage

Learn about our efforts to open up more stream miles to fish and wildlife.

More About Our Current Projects...

In 2015 we completed our 10-year Action Plan, which guides current and future restoration projects and other endeavors. Click here for more info.

To find information on current JCWC projects and partner projects in the watershed, go to the Conservation Registry, where we track and map conservation projects across the landscape.