Sue Hayes


Date of volunteer work: 04/21/2016. Site Name: Johnson Creek Park. Number of hours worked: 2. Species removed: clematis/blackberry. Estimated percent cover before removal80. Approximate square feet of invasives removed5. Made my way back to the area I’ve been working on. I walked very carefully after spotting the pretty little lady in the photo and wondered […]

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Michael Babbit

Photos By Trail CameraPhotos By Trail Camera

Date of volunteer work: 03/22/2016. Site Name: Errol Heights. Number of hours worked: 3. Species removed: Clematis, nightshade. Estimated percent cover before removal30,80. Approximate square feet of invasives removed100,400. Notes from my March visit. Nightshade was just leafing out and trees were bare, making it easy to spot. I mostly worked in the “island” on […]

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Lora Martin

Date of volunteer work: 04/23/2016. Site Name: Foster Floodplain. Number of hours worked: 2.25. Species removed: Scots Broom, Poison Hemlock. Estimated percent cover before removal?. Approximate square feet of invasives removed4 Scots broom plants, 12(?) poinson hemlock plants. Picked up a bag of garbage from the old bridge area and parking lot. I was able […]

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Spring “Watershed Works” Newsletter now available

Check out the Spring 2016 edition of Watershed Works- a newsletter that highlights the work of JCWC and 10 other urban Watershed Councils and Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the area. Find out what each partner is working on, see upcoming events, and find a project near you! SPRING 2016 Edition- Watershed Works  

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