Dragonfly Surveyors

Welcome Dragonfly Surveyors.

Throughout summer 2016, we’re hosting our first volunteer dragonfly surveys. Surveyors learn local dragonfly and damselfly species and sign up for once-a-month surveys from July to October.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email us at or call 503-652-7477 ext 101.

Handy links

Orientation materials:

Odenata Species of Multnomah County
Dragonfly Survey FAQs & Check List
Site Directions
Volunteer Manual- CASM LLC (all rights reserved)
DragonflyPresentation- CASM LLC (all rights reserved)


Sign up/ view survey dates: here


Using iNaturalist to add your observations
Project page for data entry: here
Species check list: here


Fill out our anonymous volunteer survey below to give us feedback on the dragonfly surveys.

Volunteer Survey