Dragonfly Surveyors

Curious about dragonflies in the Johnson Creek Watershed? Check out our Dragonfly Science page HERE, including results from last year’s surveys!

Welcome Dragonfly Surveyors.

As Summer 2017 approaches, we are excited to move into our second season of volunteer dragonfly surveys. Surveyors will learn local dragonfly and damselfly identification techniques and complete once-a-month surveys from July to October.

Surveyors, this is your resource hub! Handy links:


Surveyor contact information & view survey dates – link coming soon

Orientation materials:

Odenata Species of Multnomah County
Dragonfly Survey FAQs & Check List – coming soon
Site Directions
Volunteer Manual- coming soon
Quick Guide to Odonate Families – coming soon
Presentation CASM LLC – coming soon


Using iNaturalist to add your observations
Project page for data entry: here
Species check list: here


Fill out our anonymous volunteer survey below to give us feedback on the dragonfly surveys.

Volunteer Survey