Lamprey-Steelhead Surveys 2017

Luther Road

Date of survey: 05/13/2017 Volunteers: Ian Wilson, Christa Herr During our survey we found a lot of trash in and around the section of river that we looked at. We picked up about one garbage bag of the lighter trash. We encountered a mom duck with her 5 baby ducks as they swam right past […]

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Tideman Johnson Park

Date of survey: 05/14/2017 Volunteers: Rebecca Pillsbury, Antonio Garcia It was a rainy afternoon, so we didn’t see other people on the route, or much clarity in the water. No hazards to report. On the interesting side, we saw a couple of grave sites off the beaten path along the banks…probably people who had buried […]

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Foster Floodplain

Date of survey: 04/30/2017 Volunteers: Jerry McCann, Ronan McCann We found most of this reach could be waded. Above the confluence there was an are about 150 up from Johnson Creek where we thought we saw 30 or more redds. But we weren’t sure. Lots of salad plate sized depressions. Again, too difficult for us […]

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